Fashion Challenge: Ways to Wear White

We put a BC fashion blogger to the test

Fashion Challenge: Ways to Wear White Fashion Challenge: White On White Fashion Challenge: White On White

Vancouver-based fashion blogger Kendra Hagerman is no stranger to the best of street style over on the West Coast. Since her blog Van City Pretty is an ode to real fashion on real people, we put this girl-about-town to the test. With a couple of days to do it, her fashion challenge was to make white-on-white work for the every day routine.

Kendra’s take on this top trend inspired three how-to-wear-it tips:

: Always be conscious of undergarments. White clothing demands more attention to detail. If we saw black or bright pink peering out of Kendra’s top or bottoms, it would draw attention away from her luring look.

TIP 2: There are no rules. White can be worn into the fall months by layering with heavier fall-appropriate pieces, or by mixing white with dark, bold colours.

: Try pairing pieces that can take you from day to night. Both of Kendra’s look can be paired down with flats, or dressed up with the right jacket.