Fall's Easy Wardrobe Updates

Simple tricks to make something old, new again.

New Buttons
Is your go-to black fall coat giving you the blahs?  Adding new buttons is a quick and painless way to breathe some new life into basic black.  Round gold or brass buttons are sure to lend a military-esque look that is right on trend for the fall.  Caitlin Agnew

Grandma’s Closet!
One of my favourite past time activities includes raiding my grandmother’s closet. I love digging through ruffled church dresses, sweaters that date back to the 70’s, and headpieces that you can only find in the highest of high-end vintage shops today. Some modern styling and simple alterations can make the old new again.  Daidra Richards

Stick it to ‘em
Transform old trash into new treasures by embellishing jewels, flowers, feathers, or bows to plain, forgotten items in your closet. Turn basic shoes, headbands, gloves, sweaters, or even handbags into trendy statement pieces. Save money in your wallet and clothes in your closet by putting a simple, inexpensive trick to good use. Liselle Fernandes