Questionable looks form Men’s Fashion Week in Paris

Photo by Keystone Press

Famous garçons are embracing their love of fashion by attending the menswear shows this week in Paris.  However, Kanye West (with girlfriend Amber Rose) and Chris Brown (with designer Jean Paul Gaultier) have us a little perplexed.  When did it become appropriate to pose with a punched-up designer after your own violent indiscretions, Mr. Brown?  Yes, JPG’s collection had a boxer theme, but the photo-op is certainly in mauvais gout.

Speaking of bad taste, Kanye and Amber prove that when it comes to fur, proportion is key.  Personal fur stances notwithstanding, I think we can all agree that the animal is wearing them.  Thankfully, we care more about the clothes on the runway, than on the front victim’s backs.  Cooly debonair offerings from Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy deserve the spotlight, not these questionable acts.