Shop These Fashion Brands That *Aren’t* the Scourge of the Earth

Buying the trendiest pieces from a fast fashion retailer is an easy routine to fall into. But if you’re looking for clothing that is a little kinder to the Earth and humanity in general, here are 25+ labels you can count on

Tara MacInnis

It’s tough these days to be satisfied with fast fashion. Between the blatant knockoffs,  offensive design decisions and sketchy factories that sometimes plain don’t pay their workers, we get why you might want to give up and quit shopping full stop.

But if the thought of that makes you sad (same), here’s some good news:  there are lots of brands that can help you get that retail therapy fix without making you feel like you’re doing a disservice to humanity and the planet.

Scroll through the gallery below to read about our favourite ethical fashion brands, and happy conscious consuming!

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