Emily's Style Notes: Luxury in a Letter at Pink Tartan

Assistant fashion news editor Emily Ramshaw experiences a little slice of the good life via Mrs. John L. Strong bespoke stationery and Pink Tartan’s Kimberly Newport-Mimran

Hand-stamped stationery from Mrs. John L. Strong

Hand-stamped stationery with custom dyes

There’s nothing like a little luxury in the middle of a workday to make one feel special. Last Thursday, I visited Pink Tartan’s flagship to experience just that. Chicly known as 77 Yorkville, the boutique is a jewel box on the corner of Yorkville and Bellair, filled not only with the Pink Tartan collection—all sporty separates and voluminous skirts—but also with select objets d’arts, coffee table books and straight-off-the-runway favourites of Kimberly Newport-Mimran herself. And let it be known: this woman has impeccable taste. It’s an overused phrase, but if anyone has it, it’s her.

Perfect invites for a beach BBQ

Perfect invites for a beach BBQ

I stopped by the store to get some face time with representatives from stationery brand Mrs. John L. Strong, in town to offer Pink Tartan’s clientele their exclusive bespoke service. Newport-Mimran was there as well, looking every bit the hostess in a long sleeve white T-shirt, a full midi-skirt in silver and white brocade from her spring collection, and a pair of delicate, pristine white wrestling-style sneakers from Rochas. “They’re very runway,” she noted. “Am I too old to pull them off?” She’s not. Her black and white French bulldog matched her to a tee.


Classic creamy wedding stationery

Mrs. John L. Strong creates bespoke, luxury stationery. To create a custom card one chooses from a seemingly endless binder of swatches and examples, all on creamy cards—flat or folded—that can be fitted with one of the house dies or your own customized seal. To tackle the endless choices of luxury, a What Would Kim Do (WWKD) mentality is best. “I have two new houses, so I ordered [stationery] for them both.” (Newport-Mimran and husband Joe Mimran recently completed the building of their Florida home.) “I did an anchor for the Palm Beach [house].” A fan of the nautical motif myself, I make a note to choose that theme for my own stationery.

Spring butterfly notecards

Spring butterfly notecards

So what did Kim do? “I got the Pink Tartan pink for myself.” It’s a thick card rimmed in a hot pink. “I send thank you notes from both of us, but you also need your own.” 77 Yorkville is a trove of beautiful things, with all sorts of rarified items you can’t find anywhere else in the city. The Mrs. John L. Strong stationery, arrayed on shelves along one wall, feels personal, indulgent and just plain fun. “Truly, I think there’s an art to sending a letter. I think it’s the proper thing to do,” opined Newport-Mimran. “With certain things, you should send a handwritten note. And I think this is the most beautiful stationery there is. It’s all designed by hand, it’s all custom done—it makes it special.” Hence, the reason it belongs in her store. And in my desk drawer.