Emily’s Style Notes: My Fashion Resolutions for 2014

Assistant fashion news editor Emily Ramshaw dishes on how she's starting a stylish new year.

Photo by Max Kopanygin

Photo by Max Kopanygin

Like the rest of the world, I can’t help but make resolutions this month. Most of mine are pretty standard—cook more, exercise more (to this end, I’m starting twice-weekly ballet classes today), waste less (money, things, time)—but then, what of my style resolutions? In no particular order, herein are the ways by which I’d like to reassess my wardrobe in 2014.

Become more imaginative. More often than not, mornings consist of me turning to the same outfits out of sheer laziness. This year I pledge to take a long, hard look at my clothes and dream up ways to recast existing pieces.

Do some soul searching. While I’d like to stop with the usual button-down and jeans, there’s nothing I admire more than a woman who sticks to a particular look—whether it’s a narrow silhouette, riotous prints, or endless hats. My aim is to fine-tune my personal style statement, so that when I’m asked to describe how I dress (which, weirdly, happens often), my response is slightly more elegant (and succinct) than: “Um, classic? Masculine? No, feminine. With a twist… A little bit ‘60s-… no ‘70s-inflected?”

Buy local. The biggest change I’d like to make in terms of shopping—other than, you know, doing less of it—is to buy as much as possible at local boutiques and wear more pieces from Canadian labels. With all the great talent in this country, it shouldn’t be a huge challenge.