Emily's Style Notes: Krista Norris' Infinity Scarves for eLuxe

This week, assistant fashion news editor Emily Ramshaw longs for Krista Norris' scarves—her infinity scarves for, that is!

Oxford Plaid Model1

Photos courtesy of Krista Norris

It’s cold out there! But seriously: I feel something close to fear at the prospect of being outside in the cold for extended periods. As little skin exposure as possible is my constant goal-though it’s often foiled by removing gloves for compulsive phone checks while waiting for the streetcar. A designer from Ottawa, a city where the bitter chill of winter is much more debilitating than here in Toronto, is offering a stylish alternative to haphazardly layered turtlenecks, scarves and mufflers. Krista Norris’ unisex infinity scarves are not only cozy, but also fit with my androgynous instincts; see wool herringbone and textured stripes in tonal grey. (Don’t worry, there are also lace- and metallic-embellished ones for the more decorative among you.) While the scarves are already available at select boutiques in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Sherwood Park (Alta.), they’re available for a short time nationwide in a virtual pop-up shop on

Red Herringbone