Emily's Style Notes: Astrological Accessories

These astrologically marked shoes and clutches have me wondering about my own cosmic connections


Cosmic Collection “Cancer” loafers; Photo courtesy of The Bay

I’m not typically one for horoscopes and planetary predictions, but a few months ago a colleague with astrological expertise gave me a reading based on the specific date, time and place of my birth. Her comments were intriguing to say the least—apparently I have a penchant for destruction and might just marry someone famous. Okay, so maybe I still don’t quite trust in predictions via star-planetary alignment, but the possibility of living happily ever after with The Gos certainly piqued my interest.

Trust fashion to make me feel a real connection to my sign. Charlotte Olympia’s aptly named “Cosmic Collection” is a line of glossy box clutches and loafers that feature zodiac sign emblems done in Charlotte Olympia’s signature quirky style. I’m a Cancer (traits: emotional, loving, imaginative, shrewd, moody, clingy…sounds about right) and I’m head over heels (emotional) for my matching accessories. My birthday is July 12th, so if anyone is looking (they’re available at The Room at Hudson’s Bay as of last Friday). I also love the emblems of the Libra and Leo pieces—I’ll leave it to the experts to look into that cosmic connection.


Cosmic Collection “Cancer” clutch; Photo courtesy of The Bay

If your birthday is approaching sooner than mine (lucky), then the Taurus and Gemini pairs are for you.


Cosmic Collection “Taurus” loafers and clutch: Photos courtesy of The Bay


Cosmic Collection “Gemini” loafers and clutch; Photos courtesy of The Bay