Emily’s Style Notes: Alynne Lavigne x Solange Franklin

Canadian jeweller Alynne Lavigne collaborates with New York stylist Solange Franklin


For me, a great brooch or pin is the ultimate vintage find. Adding one to an outfit is a flourish that makes even the most basic look (me on most days) interesting. A new artist collaboration between Toronto-based jeweller Alynne Lavigne and New York stylist Solange Franklin resulted in what might just be the coolest pin I’ve seen outside of a flea market. The 22 karat gold-plated piece is unisex, meant to be worn on anything from a hat or purse to a scarf, tie or lapel, and the numeral—8—is significant to both parties involved in the making (made 100% in Toronto, FYI). Start wearing this pin, and chances are 8 will be lucky for you too.

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 5.42.21 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 5.42.28 PM