Why Embroidered Denim is All The Rage RN, Plus 11 Cool Pieces to Shop Now

The only thing better than a good pair of blue jeans is an embroidered pair of blue jeans

It’s no secret that embroidered denim is having a maj moment right now and we are totally, 100 percent cool with it because, um hi, it’s beautiful. We sat down with embroiderer extraordinaire Florence Tang of Lot, Stock and Barrel, who gave us the low-down on why embroidered denim is so hot rn, the most interesting embroidery project she’s taken on and what she’s done for her celeb clients (spoiler alert: one of them is Kylie Jenner).

Embroidered denim has been all the craze as of late – why do you think people love it so much?

In this day and age with everything so accessible, it’s increasingly easy for everyone to get anything they want globally. With customization and embroidery, it makes the piece one-of-a-kind and unique. It becomes a personal piece that is unlike anything else. It’s a great opportunity to show your personal style and no one will really have the same piece!

It seems like a huge trend this year has been floral embroidery (esp. red roses!). What do you think will be the big craze of 2018?

We’ve been seeing a lot of ’90s references that have been coming in and we’re sure that craze will continue into 2018. ’90s bands, imagery and cultural references will be here to stay for a bit.

Describe the most interesting/crazy project that you’ve done.

In the past few months, we’ve been asked to replicate children’s drawings into embroidery work. Kids will bring in drawings they’ve done to be embroidered onto their own jackets or their parents’ jackets. Seeing the kids’ reactions when they come to pick up their final piece has become one of our favourite moments.

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You’ve had the chance to work with celebs and musicians. What have you done for them?

Since we’re based in Los Angeles, we are lucky to have a chance to work with many talented musicians and artists. We’ve done work for Usher, Kylie Jenner, Shania Twain, Alessandro Michele, Pharrell. We’ve done full back pieces on denim jackets for Usher and Shania, while Kylie and Alessandro opted for simpler monogram type embroidery. We also embroidered an all over daisy print on Pharrell’s pants that he wore on The Voice last season. It’s always fun to see our pieces on them and we’re also very grateful to be working with them.

Need some embroidered denim in your life? See some of our fave picks below.

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