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Trending: Embrace Fall With The Sculpted Wrap Coat

Not just a pretty package, a sculpted wrap coat is this season's big, cozy hang-up.

Carven, $1,245, The Room at Hudson's Bay // Photography by Hamin Lee

Carven, $1,245, The Room at Hudson’s Bay // Photography by Hamin Lee

Cut to last year: There you were at your front closet, standing frozen, not because of the frigid tem- peratures outside, but because you were trying to take yourself sternly in hand and put on the pretty, flatter- ing coat instead of the warm, frumpy sleeping bag. We both know the sleeping bag won. We have, as they say, been there. But this year, the new wrap coat is here not only to save your day, but also to alter the frumpsicle winter streetscapes into a muted rainbow paradise. Thick but easy, the wrap coat swaddles, protects, and leaves room to layer in a woolly sweater with its simple tie flourish or button or two. It was for this effortlessness that it became faddish with the bright young things of the 1920s, when Ivy Leaguers adopted the style after J. Press, a traditional men’s shop that first opened its doors on Yale’s campus, began importing Burberry overcoats following the First World War. Back then, the coat was made with either camel hair or saxony tweed, and for men only. Now, in its latest incarnation on fall runways, it’s piglet pink and corn- flower blue. “Pastels [are] reminiscent of childhood,” says Carven’s Guillaume Henry of the powdery shades that populated his collection. But he sculpted them for adult women. “We worked coats as supple shields, feminine and sharp: the opposite of a girlish wardrobe.” Swathe yourselves.

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