EDITORS PICK: The Best Dressed Flip Cam

Flare puts our custom fashion spin on a pocket-sized video camera - and so can you

Anthea Simms

Anthea Simms

What’s got us flipping at the Flare HQ? The new MinoHD by Flip Video pocket-size cam. We customized ours with a Versus Fall 2010 look, featured in December’s Holiday Gift Guide. Suddenly, it became the best-dressed camera we’ve ever seen. And if you would love a ripped-from-the-catwalk version for yourself (or to give to a budding videographer), just visit The Flip to design your own.

More than just a pretty face, we’ve put the Flip Video to task in our tireless pursuit of newsworthy fashion. From capturing looks on the international runways to video blogging at exclusive press previews, the device’s high-definition quality and anti-shake technology make the new MinoHD picture just as pristine as its cool exterior.

The MinoHD Flip Video is available in-stores and online (where you can custom print it like we did) November 10th
MinoHD 8GB / 2 hours: $239.99

––Ryan Cheung