Flare's fashion editors reveal their must-haves for tackling LG Fashion Week in Toronto.

Elizabeth Cabral, Fashion Director

Essential: The Blackberry

It may not be as fashionable as an it-bag or killer heels, but I can’t live without my blackberry during fashion week. I’m always tweeting about shows live and filling in our readers on’s blog about trends, events and people. I also have to stay in touch with what’s happening at the office–I’m often organizing shoots and stories while I’m sitting waiting for shows to start.


Fiona Green, Associate Fashion Editor

Essential: Favourite Boots

These Burberry boots are a staple in my wardrobe–I’ve been living in them since I bought them last autumn from Holt Renfrew. The substantial platform toe lessens the incline, so they’re much more comfortable than other high-heel booties. The black suede goes with everything, but it’s still dressy enough to wear to an after-work event. They’re well-loved, but I take them to my local shoe cobbler every now and then for a touch-up. It’s worth a small repair bill to maintain your investment pieces.


Erin O’Brien, Assistant Market Editor

Essential: The Utility Trench

While lusting after a Stella McCartney trench a few years back, I was lucky enough to stumble upon this versatile option from H&M.  Apart from being wallet friendly, my gray utility-style coat is the perfect between-season item with adjustable sleeves and a hood that folds up to switch the styling. It’s a great item to layer with basics and it adds a casual ease to polished ensembles. Better still, when I want to avoid coat check, I simply pack it into my bag.


Mosha Lundström Halbert, Assistant Fashion News Editor

Essential: The Leather Notebook, Cardholder and Pencil

I don’t settle for a boring scribble pad and ballpoint.  A beautifully-bound Jessica Jensen leather notebook, Louis Vuitton pocket organizer and graphite writing tool are key to my coverage of fashion week.  This pale lavender lined notebook elevates my style reporting and perches perfectly on a crossed knee.  The LV card holder was a recent gift when my Flare business cards arrived. Like the best presents, I would have never plunked down for it myself.  The unexpected azur darnier print is so elegant and it helps me keep in touch with new designers on my radar.  Lastly, this eco-pencil made from recycled c.d.’s takes the smoothest notes.  Pens can be really messy when you are quickly jotting down information. Writing in graphite ensures that my observations stay on the page.


Dane Tredway, Assistant Fashion Editor

Essential: The Unique Satchel

I never leave home without my camel leather messenger bag.  It’s durable, lightweight and a fixture in my wardrobe year-round. It’s seen some wear and tear since I picked it up in India a few years back, but it has a timeless appeal.  I think it’s really important to incorporate a one-of-a-kind piece to personalize every outfit.  This satchel does double duty as it’s also a perfect size for a notebook, laptop and small camera for capturing the Fashion Week frenzy.