Eco-Friendly Luxury Fashion: Valentino's "Green" Academy Awards Dress

Valentino accepts Greenpeace’s latest challenge in time for Earth Day

Photo by Getty Images
Photo by Getty Images

When Samantha Barks chose this Valentino (and Forevermark pendant with responsibly sourced diamonds) she was buying into more than a knockout dress. Greenpeace introduced their newest initiative, the Fashion Duel, by throwing down the gauntlet with a green rubber glove, and followed up with actions staged during the Fall 2013 collections in both New York and Milan. According to Chiara Campione, campaigner for Greenpeace Italia, they are challenging luxury brands “to eliminate the release of hazardous chemicals throughout their supply chain and products and put in place concrete measures to avoid…forest destruction.” Valentino has emerged as a leader on and off the runway, by fully committing to the Fashion Duel. “When Valentino got back to us after receiving our ‘challenge glove,’ I was impressed by the seriousness [with which] they undertook our questionnaires and information requests,” says Campione. If all of the luxury labels stepped up, lust-worthy pieces will no longer be tinged by environmental guilt (though the price may still sting). “People want fashion with a story they can be proud of.”

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