Dress Up: Greta Constantine

The design duo whip up a gown we just had to try on

After Greta Constantine’s show last month, I interviewed the spirited design duo Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill for Flare’s video fashion week coverage. The accomplished earthy-meets-ethereal collection meant there was a lot of ground to cover with these Canadian fashion boldfacers. In haste, I forgot to ask them about a dress they called the Mosha.

To be honest, when they first told me about this plan, I assumed it was a joke. Well then, to call their bluff, I asked for it to be sent over to FLARE‘s HQ for further analysis. True enough, the dress arrived with my name written inside the leather belt. The loden green colour and deft cut felt very much like the styles I gravitate towards. So, in the name of investigation, I took it spin around the office with a pair of Brian Atwood pumps – all in a day’s work. The unusual style – short in the front and with a long, caped back made for a bold look, but this being a fashion magazine, no one questioned my dramatic office wear.

Later on, I pressed the designers for details on the frock. Here’s what I can report: “Each season we hear the token phrase “the new minimalism” pop up,” Pickersgill said. “This is our take. The Mosha is both simple and effortless while maintaining its youthful femininity. It enhances the parts of a body women most look to accentuate and is a gown without being a gown.”

I like the sounds of that.