Doc Martens' New Toronto Store Brings Back The Nineties

The Queen Street shop is a must-stop for our favourite grunge boots

The mere mention of the name Dr. Martens, a.k.a: Doc’s immediately resurrects memories of rebelling against the norm, listening to Nirvana, and wishing we were as cool as Liv Tyler in Empire Records. What you may not know is that 2010 marks the 50th anniversary of the heritage label. Add to this the opening of the first Canadian Dr. Martens location in Toronto on Queen St. West – a strip known for it’s cooler-than-thou attitude. We attended the launch yesterday and can report that the store is bright and inviting, the footwear fabulous. But what really caught our eye was the cash counter – a fully-functioning piano that people are welcome to play. It’s a novel touch for a label that has long been a band-mate favourite.