A larger-than-life Lady Dior bag conceals construction on a new store

Erin Shawmut Design and Construction

There is an old adage that a true lady never lets you peek inside her handbag. Apparently, this holds true for the people at Christian Dior. Just look at the 20-foot high, 30-foot wide quilted Lady Dior bag that acts as a temporary façade while the store undergoes construction. The masterminds at  Erin Shawmut Design and Construction, along with famed architect Peter Marino and Barteluce Architects & Associates are responsible for this lively instillation, which is quickly turning into the 57th Street spot into the photo-op of the moment for fashion fiends visiting NYC. Graphics on the bag are so realistic that onlookers have to touch it to believe it’s not actual tufted leather. We wish more construction sights were like this: artful delights instead of eyesores.