Detachable Front Jeans Are Now A Thing

Prepare to loose your pants. Literally

Detachable jeans are the latest hideous denim trend

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We never doubted for a second that a brand would pick up where Topshop left off—that would be at the intersection of jeans with vinyl knee windows and a pair that are clinging to the very definition with entirely clear legs—but even we didn’t foresee this weird 2-in-1 invention.

Y/Project, a Paris-based fashion label, has given us Detachable Cut-Out Front Jeans—basically an updated, less practical version of those cargo pants that unzipped into shorts (this time around, they’re fastened with a button tab). The rounded thigh shape of the shorts portion of the pant also makes room for thin cutouts that show upper thigh and some lower cheek AT ALL TIMES. (Hat-tip to Vetements whose recent collab with Levi’s decided to give some love to the space in between, too.)

The weird compartmentalizing is also giving us cyborg vibes but we’re doubtful if even the biggest sci-fi fan will fork over $606 for a chance to wear jeans that turn into hot pants resembling denim diapers.

And Y/Project, lead by Belgian designer Glenn Martens, isn’t stopping with one pair of confounding jeans. Instead, it doubled down with the maybe-worse Navy Cufflink Jeans, which are innocuously named so as to lull you into thinking that maybe these will be your new go-tos. But alas!

Detachable jeans are the latest in a string of hideous denim trends

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With detachable cufflinks (there’s a definite pattern here), these jeans boast “convertible legs” because don’t we all want to be a step closer to becoming Transformers? We picture these being worn while wading into a creek and fly-fishing, as opposed to styled with the equally hideous Gucci sock sandals, but if rolling your jeans manually is unthinkable, then paying $750 for a pair that does it for you may just be worth it.

The Y/Project jeans are the latest in a string of gimmicky denim inventions that are distinctly meant to get you talking, at least according to Mo Riach, Topshop’s head of design. She claims the British brand knows you are digging and dissing their wild creations in equal measure and told Elle, “We love to give people a reason to buy something new in this saturated market.”

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