The Beckermans Meet Philip Colbert of The Rodnik Band

Sam and Cailli talk art, food and fashion with pop-art designer Philip Colbert


On Cailli (left): Dress, $2,285, The Rodnik Band. On Sam: Dress, $2,125, and bag, both The Rodnik Band. On Philip: Suit and bag, both The Rodnik Band. Hat, Rodnik x Peanuts. (Photo: Jaclyn Locke)

Sam: So what does “The Rodnik Band” mean?

Philip: It’s a fashion label with the word “band” in it. There is a real band, but it’s not the musical kind. It’s basically the Velvet Underground of fashion. That’s what I say, anyway!

Cailli: Do you actually have to be good to be in the band?

Philip: No, it’s all about spirit! Talent can be finicky and boring, but good spirit is everything.

Cailli: Can we be your backup singers? That’s what I’m really hoping.

Philip: Yeah, you guys could totally jam!

Cailli: Tell us what inspires your designs. You’re obviously a fan of food and pop art.

Philip: I think of Rodnik as a pop-art brand. I’m not really into normal fashion, which I see as a regime of trends. After a while, it can be quite vacuous. I’m much more into the idea of making clothes like an artist. Every season I continue the narrative. The clothes are like wearable artworks.

Cailli: How do you interpret fashion as art?

Philip: For me, creativity is about blurring genres, especially fashion and art. Fashion can be a powerful democratic platform to express yourself.

Sam: We’re obsessed with your meat accessories, even though we’re vegetarians.


“Philip makes the most scrumptious hambags! Nom, nom, nom, nom.” (Photo: Jaclyn Locke)

 The Rodnik Band Pop-up Shop

Rodnik Band Shark Chair

The Rodnik Band chair, $1,600,

Rodnik X Peanuts

Rodnik x Peanuts cotton dress, $150,

Beckermans Rodnik Band Clutch

The Rodnik Band clutch, $745,

"Pop art, not war! We’re obsessed with Philip’s Peanuts collab." (Photo: Jaclyn Locke)

“Pop art, not war! We’re obsessed with Philip’s Peanuts collab.” (Photo: Jaclyn Locke)