Designer Mark Fast Needs Your Help

The Canadian designer is seeking help from his biggest knitwear fans

Photo by Patrick Bentley

If you’re a fan of Canadian designer Mark Fast on Facebook, than you would have seen an interesting post calling followers to participate in FastFashism–a new initiative that connects the designer to his fans via email.

In a statement released by Fast, the new program is said to “allow consumers to directly dictate and debate how products evolve” but little was shared about how this will happen. Will Fast put fans to a vote? or is this simply a customer service hotline?

As the fashion industry brims with collaborations like Derek Lam for Ebay and M.A.C‘s new line of blogger designed makeup, we’re certainly seeing an interesting shift from the creatives at the top reaching down to the shoppers below–who now are dictating the trends to buy.

We’ll be keeping a watchful eye as Fast “seeks to invert the standard business model” bringing your ideas directly to his inbox.

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