Try This Trend: Wide-Leg Denim

The fashion team takes the new denim sportswear trend for a spin

Dane Tredway

Dane Tredway

Dane Tredway

For the spring season, the return to denim tailoring made a strong impact. Personally, I steer clear of denim all together, finding it skews too casual for my taste. Plus, I find skinny jeans really uncomfortable! Anyone else? So, in the spirit of expanding my denim repertoire and embracing the look seen on runways at Celine, Derek Lam and Dries Van Noten, I took the wide-leg flare trend for a test drive. Thankfully, Fidelity—the British Columbia-based denim experts&mdashwere there to help me take the leap with their new Tennille Mid-Rise Flare in a dark wash called Gin Blossom. Even still, the poor pants hung in my closet for a good two weeks. Apparently, I had forgotten how to wear blue jeans. Then one day I unearthed a chambray blazer at the back of my wardrobe. Reluctantly, I suited up.

Reactions around the Flare office were mixed. The fashion director “liked my look”, while a beauty editor said I reminded her of Rachel Zoe. But I have to say, wearing such louche, full trousers put a swoosh in my step. After a thorough test-drive, here are my top styling tips.

Get A Lift: Full-cut pants require streamlined high heels. I went with a favourite pair of denim Lanvin pumps. The pointed-toe and similar jean wash helps to elongate the leg.

Menswear Spin: Channel the sartorial allure of the Milanese gentleman. They can do no wrong in their impeccably turned out day look of ironed jeans and crisp shirts. Never been? Consult Tommy Ton‘s illustrious candids for inspiration.

Size Right: Go up a size to ensure denim drapes elegantly. Pair with a relaxed blazer. This is not the hip hugger-and-hoodie look of the noughties. Think ’70s Lauren Hutton instead.

Finishing Touches: Add personality with an eclectic mix of new and vintage accessories. A classic wristwatch, good belt and tailored clutch are key.

Fidelity Tennille Mid-Rise Flare, $205.