Levi's Revel Line Brings New Tech to Curve-Hugging Jeans

Levi's, the pioneers of denim, incorporate liquid-shaping technology into their new Revel jeans collection creating a new level of comfort and cling


Photos courtesy of Levi’s

Levi Strauss Co. designed the first pair of ladies’ jeans nearly 80 year ago. At that time, it was a working class fabric—sequestered away from the likes of trousers and dresses or feminine cuts of any kind. As years sped by and fashion tastes evolved, the durable textile has grown into a wardrobe staple that has chasséd its way into the office (check out five ways to dress up your denim.) Today Levi’s continues to redesign its product, proving itself a leader among innovators by launching the new form-fitting, curve-hugging Revel jeans.


Made with a liquid-shaping technology (worked into the fabric in a process similar to screen-printing), the denim stretches in all four directions offering women a comfortable, yet clinging fit. The technology is applied in strategic regions on the leg to ensure maximum comfort and stretch, and is paired with their signature Curve ID technology to provide the ultimate fit. Essentially, they are the yoga pants of jeans (that’s right, we said it first!).

The line is available in a variety of colours and washes, in skinny and straight leg at