Dare To Wear Love: LG Fashion Week's Top Ticket

How you can attend next week's fashion show featuring a slew of design stars

Laura Veitch

“Sorry, but you are not on the list.” Are there any words quite as ego-bruising? Alas, unless you come armed with an official invite and press pass, access to LG Fashion Week shows in Toronto are no cake walk. Fret not, runway lovers – it just so happens that a FLARE editor highlight, Dare To Wear Love, allows you to attend a top show featuring a slew of design stars for a small cost (tickets start at just $50) that benefits an amazing cause. Organized by can-do fashion duo Jim Searle and Chris Tyrell, (the gentlemen behind Hoax Couture) Canada’s fashion elite are banding together to support the Stephen Lewis Foundation, which assists grassroots organizations fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. Creating customs pieces out of artisanal African textiles, talents such as Wayne Clark, Brian Bailey, Evan Biddell, Lisa Biday, Izzy Camilleri, Nada, Riva Mivasgar, Lucian Matis, Linda Lundström (full disclosure, my mom), Comrags and of course, Hoax Couture, will be whipping up works of love. Models will include a variety of Canadian personalities. Expect a crowd packed with industry leaders and It-boys and girls. To purchase tickets or VIP passes (hello, seating in the first two rows and stacked gift bag!) visit Dare To Wear Love. See you in the runway room.