Danier's Student Design Competition

Ryerson School of Fashion teams up with Danier for Design Challenge

Danier Designer Challenge

For its third year in a row, Canadian leather label Danier will be seeking inspiration from the next generation of up-and-coming designers studying at fashion at Ryerson University.

With a $5,000 cash prize up for grabs, a coveted internship at the brand and the winning piece to be included in the brand’s next collection, Danier’s 2012 Design Challenge is not just any ordinary competition. Judged by a panel of industry experts and voters online, this could be one designer’s big break.

The challenge will go through four stages, starting with 75 students creating a preliminary sketch of an original leather garment [Vote Now!]. Out of that group, 30 will be chosen to submit a sketch video presentation. From there, the group gets whittled to 15 hopefuls, who will create muslin prototypes of their garments. Only 10 will be allowed to continue to the final round: the production of a finished piece in leather. The top three finalists will be announced on January 12, 2012.

The judging panel: Elizabeth Cabral, FLARE Fashion Director, Jeanne Beker, host of Fashion Television, Erin Kleinberg of The Coveteur and Tiyana Grulovic, editor and stylist.