Five Minutes With: Marie Wilkinson of Cutler and Gross

The Cutler and Gross eyewear guru talks sunglass trends—and why you should get a haircut before buying a new pair

Marie Wilkinson has been working at cult British eyewear brand Cutler and Gross for over 20 years. FLARE’s Truc Nguyen met up with the expert at thenewly opened Cutler and Gross boutique on Toronto’s Queen Street West, where they talked sunglasses trends and the secret to buying the right pair.

What style of shades are you most excited about this season?
The one that really thrilled me was the bug one, [it’s] 3D printed so the flies actually look like they’re real and moving. We were thinking about an English picnic… and a surrealist side to that. They’re actually really wearable. People have to come up close to you and ask, “Do you have flies on your glasses?”

I know it’s only June, but is there already a bestselling pair of sunnies at Cutler and Gross this season? The multi-layered mirrored lense. It really catches people’s attention. I think it’s quite interesting that there has been a shift in focus from the acetate colours to the lens colours.

What’s the first thing people should think about when buying sunglasses?
It’s face shape but also your proportions. You have to look at things like cheekbones and the width of shoulders. And that’s why we’ve got small mirrors and long mirrors [in the boutique]. They should really suit your personality and style as well. I think if the glasses just suit your face they can look as though an optician has chosen them for you, and you want more than that.

There are so many factors to consider! Exactly! So never choose in a rush, and wear something typical of your look this summer [when trying them on]. If you’re going to change your look or change your hair, do it before you choose your glasses.

What do you think is the most common mistake people make when choosing sunglasses? When the top [of the sunglasses] cuts across the [brow line]! Sunglasses are not about concealing your eyes, it’s about enhancing them and making them more obvious.


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