Couple #Twinning: Dressing Like Our S/O Was Weird and Adorable

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we dressed the same as our (somewhat reluctant) partners. Here's how it went down

Couples twinning: Josh and Tara

Josh & Tara

“If Josh and I are about to leave the house together and our outfits look even remotely similar, one of us must change (him). But on Super Bowl Sunday, when we were having a few friends over to half watch the game, we broke our rule in the name of this experiment. We both put on black skinny jeans, heather grey sweaters, and red plaid button downs. It took a whole hour for anyone to notice, despite us finding every opportunity to knowingly stand next to each other. People said it looked like I was just dressed like Josh, because this is way closer to his uniform than mine, but I wasn’t about to make him wear a turtleneck and culottes. Maybe next time?” —Tara MacInnis, associate fashion and beauty editor


couples twinning: Erinn and Alex

Erinn & Alex

“Back in our honeymoon dating phase, Alex and I actually showed up to a party wearing this exact outfit, totally unplanned. At the time I was into it. I thought it was sooo great that we had a similar taste in clothing (read: a mutual love for denim and white t-shirts), but more importantly, I loved that it brought attention to us as a couple (not sorry). Today, it’s rare that we show up wearing the same thing. He’s usually wearing some iteration of the above and I tend to bring in a piece of clothing that’s a little more interesting, like a pattern or texture. But, on the rare occasion that we do end up wearing the same thing, I’m not going to lie, I still feel a little giddy.” —Erinn Stewart, assistant fashion and beauty editor

couples twinning: Diana and Matthew

Diana & Matthew

“My everyday look is all over the place: sometimes it’s jeans and sweaters, sometimes it’s skirts and blouses. But Matthew has always been consistent, he’s more along the lines of Mark Zuckerberg (I think he has at least three of these black hoodies he wears throughout the week). It’s such a cliché but sometimes I’m not dressed for the weather and he’ll lend me his sweater… and I end up forgetting to return it. I can’t remember how long I’ve had this particular hoodie, it must be at least two or three years. In my defense, I’ve tried to return a few things, but he wouldn’t take them back. He says, “It’s like I can give you a hug when I’m not around.” Oh jeez.” —Diana Duong, associate editor, Chatelaine

couples twinning: Dustin and Jenn

Dustin & Jenn

“My beloved and I are both into fashion and shopping—and, TBH, he has way more clothes than I do—but our aesthetics, while complimentary, don’t typically qualify as matchy-matchy. I love a shot of colour and an artful statement earring and he favours plaid and shearling collars (think polished lumberjack), but our styles do converge over a mutual fondness for jaunty tweeds and a good London-inspired style moment. We wore our subtly matching ensembles to a weekly family dinner hosted by my sister-in-law and while our twinning moment didn’t really turn heads, she did remark that Dustin looked ‘more dressed up than usual.’ But my biggest takeaway is how into the exercise he was, sending a dozen texts to make sure I was satisfied with his lewk. Considering he’s usually resistant to my attempts at dressing him (sue me, I’m bossy), I was tickled pink that he let me take the style reins.” —Jennifer Berry, staff writer

couples twinning: Andrew and Alexandra

Andrew & Alexandra

“Andrew and I usually dress the complete opposite. This is his daily uniform—a button down or tee and black jeans—whereas I’m usually always wearing dresses. Floral patterns are my go-to! Though I would have loved to venture out in our #twinning ensemble, I just couldn’t do it in fear of looking like a walking Gap ad (this was the only matching outfit we could find in our closet.)” —Alexandra Gater, associate editor, Chatelaine

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