Seriously Cool Flip Flops to Shop Right Now—Because Valentino Did It First

This is everything you need to step into the next big thing in footwear, before all your friends do

This season, we’ve seen leggings, extreme denim and sheer prairie dresses on the runways, so by now it’s no surprise that pretty much everything and anything goes. Still, we’ll admit that when Valentino showed feathery thong sandals (yes, cool flip flops do exist) with minidresses and trousers for its Resort 2018, we actually didn’t see it coming. And we kind of loved it at the same time.

Since there’s no denying the beachy, and oh-so-easy footwear’s comeback, we’ve sourced 26 pairs to shop now, before the trend picks up in full force. Just remember you saw it here first.

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