Alexander Wang on His H&M Collection

FLARE’s editor-in-chief talks to Wang about his logo-happy H&M collection, in stores November 6

Alexander Wang HM Dress

Polypropylene blend dress, $99

Cameron Williamson: A lot of the pieces in this line are covered with your initials. Are you comfortable seeing your logo everywhere?

Alexander Wang: I wasn’t before, but [for the spring 2014 main line] we used the logo as a surface treatment. For H&M, I wanted it to be much bolder. So logos have been injected with foam on sweatshirts, knit seamlessly into leggings and printed on zippers. It appears so much it’s almost like we’re using it in an ironic way.

CW: I can definitely see hints of your main line and T by Alexander Wang—do you consider this collection a fusion of both?

AW: Not necessarily. There are a couple of pieces that are influenced from previous collections—the cellophane knits, the tunic dresses—but 90 percent are new.

CW: Do you keep everything—main line, T, Balenciaga, H&M—siloed in your brain?

AW: I’m not going to say that as soon as an idea comes to me I know exactly where it should live, but having the lines be so different from one another makes it easier to compartmentalize everything.

CW: Clearly you’ve been influenced by skiing and boxing, but are these clothes actually for the sporting life?

AW: It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym in them. A waterproof windbreaker is good for the rain; a compression-knit tunic dress is great if you’re out dancing and want to soak up the sweat.

CW: So these are gym and party clothes.

AW: Exactly!