Christopher Kane's Ugly Shoe Obsession Has Reached New Heights—Literally

We've come to expect ironic footwear on Christopher Kane's LFW runway, and the designer didn't disappoint this season

Both pairs of Christopher Kane ugly shoes

Two shoe designs from Christopher Kane’s fall 2018 runway presentation (Photo: ImaxTree)

It seems like every season we are forced to remind you that the ugly shoe trend is here to stay. And we’re back at it this London Fashion Week, thanks to the usual suspect: Christopher Kane.

The Scottish designer—whose clothing is surprisingly chic and wearable (aside from maybe this garbage-bag tunic)—has a penchant for hideous kicks that just won’t quit. Last season, he sent bedazzled water shoes down the runway; a year before that, it was gemstone-studded Crocs. How could he possibly top those, you ask? (We’re glad you did!) For his fall 2018 presentation on Monday, he showcased spiral-heeled, rhinestone-encrusted orthopedic-looking sneakers and sandals. I mean … we don’t even know what to call that.

To create what some might deem a monstrosity, Kane collaborated with Z-Coil, a footwear brand that focuses on absorbing shock by up to 50 percent through the addition of—you guessed it—a small coiled heel. Kane used that heel to elevate leather sneakers and sandals, adding a little sparkle for good measure. Because who says comfortable, supportive shoes don’t belong on a red carpet?

In the show notes, Kane listed his inspiration for this season’s collection as “the joy of sex,” and while we’re not totally sure how his Z-Coil shoes fit into that theme, we do have a little joyous news for the sneaker-loving street style set: the designer told Vogue the ultra-comfy kicks weren’t just a runway prop—these bad boys are going into production.

So, start saving your pennies now?


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