Céline Dion is Launching a Gender-Neutral Kids Clothing Line

We're 100% here for the idea that gender is a construct, but it's pretty clear that Celinununu is just as extra as Céline herself


If you’re an avid follower of Céline Dion‘s delightful fist-pumping, back-arching Instagram posts, you might have noticed a strange video in her feed yesterday. It showed the high note-hitting Canadian songstress getting taken down by what appeared to be a cop, and then telling said cop to cool it because she’s Céline Dion. You kinda have to see it to believe it:

Even for Dion, that’s pretty extra, not to mention confusing. Thanks to the teaser caption and the URL for (that’s three nu’s) at the end of the vid, the internet immediately began speculating on what this new project could be.

Then this morning, the announcement dropped: Celinununu is a kid’s clothing line, a collaboration between Dion and the designers behind Canadian gender-neutral kids clothing brand nununu. And now, when you visit the Celinununu URL, you get to find out just how Dion landed herself in those handcuffs, thanks to a full-length version of the teaser video.

That’s an Oscar-worthy performance if we ever saw one, both for Dion’s starring role and that softly-hummed “Rockabye Baby” score.

The message behind this cinematic gem, and Celinununu as a whole, is to “enable [little humans] to be who they are, so that their choices are driven by their own true essence and free spirit, beyond stereotypes or any norm.”

Explaining to your kids early on that gender is a construct—and using fashion as an educational tool to illustrate that—is a great idea. And as more and more brands opt for gender-neutral offerings, it’s definitely the right way to position a new brand.

But using verbiage like “a new humanistic education” might be making the choice to dress kids in colours other than pink and blue more intimidating than it really needs to be. And the pricing is pretty inaccessible, too—the cheapest item is a tiny baby hat at $31, and what child needs a $447 leather jacket? There isn’t any info on the site about where the clothing is made or where the materials come from to justify those prices (same goes for the original brand, nununu). Also, all but one of the little models appears to be white.

Still, we could never fault Dion for taking a passionate stance on gender equality and working to break down stereotypes. Besides, how could we expect anything less than this super extra approach from Queen Céline?


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