Your Ultimate Guide to Which Insta-babe Reps Which Sportswear Brand

Can't remember which pop star is repping which sportswear line? We crafted a guide to all the celeb-endorsed athletic brands—like Selena Gomez for Puma—plus how their sports skillz compare to the all-star athlete spokespeople of yesteryear

With Selena Gomez sporting Puma after yoga class, Sofia Richie serving Adidas looks on the reg and other stylish millennial models-slash-moguls like Bella HadidKendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss rocking classic athletic gear in their street style lewks, sportswear brands are taking notice and profiting off their popularity. Because it certainly can’t hurt to have one of these fierce baes grammin’ your kicks.

Plus, with designers like Chromat embracing spandex, Jeremy Scott sending elevated hoodies down the runway and Rihanna delivering her most recent Fenty x Puma surfer/motocross collection of windbreakers and bodysuits, it’s clear the athleisure trend is here to stay—and celeb-centric contracts are proving to be bankable. According to Markets InsiderPuma has Rihanna and Gomez to thank for its reported 16 percent growth in the Americas. Meanwhile, Reebok is likely to follow in their cushy footsteps after partnering with Ariana Grande and her 113 million-strong Instagram following.

But with so many new endorsement contracts popping up on the regular lately, it can be v. confusing to keep up with who’s repping which athletic apparel brand, no? Fear not: we’ve got your definitive list of what social media-savvy celeb reps which sportswear brand and how athletically inclined we think they *really* are. Say bye to the days of all-star athletes like LeBron James and Serena Williams being the only stars fronting tracksuits, because this is the new norm.


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Who: Rihanna
Brand: Puma
Athletic Ability: High. The way she shakes them hips and parties the night away, there’s no denying this brand ambassador’s sporty capabilities. Plus, we’re not about to shade Queen RiRi because she is perfect in every way

officially joining the adidas fam! @adidasoriginals #adidasAmbassador #adidasOriginals

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Who: Kendall Jenner
Brand: Adidas
Athletic Ability: Medium. According to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians archives, this Jenner moonlit as a cheerleader back in high school and can be spotted horseback riding on various Malibu compounds to this day.

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Who: Bella Hadid
Brand: Nike
Athletic Ability: Medium to high. This Hadid was destined for equestrian Olympic greatness before she stumbled upon model fame. Now her IG stories show her posted up at the swanky S10 training facility in NYC getting coached by Nike performance specialist Joe Holder on the daily. 

Officially a part of the fam @puma #pumapartner

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Who: Selena Gomez
Brand: Puma
Athletic Ability: Low to medium. While Gomez can balance a book on her head and we’ve seen her ride a bike multiple times (plus there’s the aforementioned post-yoga sighting), we’re betting our boo has had to take it easy on going too hard in the gym because of her health issues (love you, Sel).

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Who: Sofia Richie
Brand: Adidas
Athletic Ability: Low. Little known fact: this Richie smokes cigs and a deep dive into her IG proves zero athletic prowess. Though she did have a cameo on big sis’s show Candidly Nicole once and tried her hand at boxing.

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Who: Gigi Hadid
Brand: Reebok
Athletic Ability: High. Her IG is lit with knockout boxing vids and prior to her supermodel success, the older Hadid was a competitive horseback rider like her sis Bella and on the road to the Junior Olympics qualifiers for volleyball.

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Who: Kylie Jenner
Brand: Puma
Athletic Ability: Jury’s out on this one. While Jenner obviously has a bangin’ bod, we’ve never actually seen her get her fitness on. Not on KUWTK, not on Snapchat, not anywhere and in Kylie’s world, if she didn’t share it, did it ever happen at all?

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Who: Karlie Kloss
Brand: Adidas
Athletic Ability: High. Kloss is a well-known healthy/active bae, with her Karlie’s Kookie healthy snacks empire and documented love of boxing, yoga and jumping activities.

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Who: Ariana Grande
Brand: Reebok
Athletic Ability: Medium. Think about the cardio Grande’s smashes out during her high-energy performances, plus we know she knows her way around a spin class

Thank you so much @martialsmarts.toronto for showing me how to protect myself @puma #doyou

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Who: Cara Delevingne
Brand: Puma
Athletic Ability: High. Doesn’t Delevingne just look tough? She’s an avid boxer and since she hails from England, maybe we’ve got a secret soccer (er, football) star in our midst, too.

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