Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Iconic Accessory Is Back

Just like that, it's 2000 again

Carrie Bradshaw saddle bag: Sarah Jessica Parker in a still from Sex and the City

(Photo: Getty Images)

The year was 2000 and TV style icon of the moment Carrie Bradshaw—by way of Sex and the City stylist, Pat Fields, the creative genius behind the looks we still go mad for—had fashion girls everywhere running around town trying to find oversized flower pins and nameplate necklaces. Another Bradshaw staple that was highly coveted in the early aughts? The logo print Christian Dior saddle bag, of course.

Sadly, if you were a tween when the show first aired, a designer bag ringing it at more than a thousand bucks would have been way out of your Claires-and-Gap mall shopping budget, but you can rejoice (and start checking your credit card balance) because Dior has brought back the saddle bag and suddenly it’s the turn of the millennium all over again.

For their fall 2018 runway show at Paris Fashion Week, Dior showed a variety of new saddle bags and they’re, dare we say, chic? NGL, totally succumbing to the logo print resurgence and this handbag nails it:

(Photo: Imax Tree)

But if you’re not into a busy pattern, this smooth black leather version is a breath of minimalist air.

(Photo: Imax Tree)

Oh, and patchwork! Like a v. expensive version of your nana’s quilt.

(Photo: Imax Tree)


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