Cannes 2017 Style: What The Stars Are Wearing

From Elle Fanning's pretty painted train to Jessica Chastain's bright red jumpsuit, these are all the best looks from the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes 2017 red carpet is the most serious thanks to strict rules re: footwear (heels only, plz), and aside from the Met Gala, it’s arguably the most fancy/fashion-forward. Celebs always come armed with an entire wardrobe of on-point, French Riviera-worthy outfits, from breezy day dresses to dramatic gowns to jeans.

Elle Fanning, for instance, already killed it in a unicorn gown from Vivienne Westwood, and Marion Cotillard raised eyebrows in some cuff-on-cuff-on-cuff Y/Project jeans (the cousins of these ones?) Whether the A-listers are going full-on glam or dressing down for daytime premieres, the week is always full of amazing looks.

Herewith, the best dressed (so far) from the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes 2016 Style: What the Stars Wore
Belle-Inspired Looks from Cannes 2016