Canadians You Need to Know Now: Devon Halfnight LeFlufy

We hate a humblebrag, so we’ll just come right out and say it: some of fashion’s most game-changing creatives have True North origins, and we’re here to make it known. From a seriously muse-y artist-photog-it-girl to the editor-in-chief of the industry’s most trusted news source to the visionary buyer behind the world’s coolest online retailer, here are the Canuck insiders ruling fashion today

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(Photo: Bob Jeusette, Initials LA)

First of all, yes, that is his real name. And if it sounds like something out of a fairy tale, you should know that the man behind it is more of a tech wizard. Case in point: at his recent spring ’17 show, attendees were outfitted with virtual reality goggles for viewing his Internet-inspired collection. “It’s a post-ironic take on what you might see on someone’s hard drive,” says LeFlufy. “One day, archaeologists will sift through our Tumblrs.”

(Photo: Dan + Corina Lecca)

(Photo: Dan + Corina Lecca)

Since his 2013 debut (he started with menswear but expanded into womens’ for fall ’16), the Vancouver-born, Antwerp-based designer’s collections have been replete with early web-era winks (rave prints, circuit board–inspired fabrics, accessories made from tangled wires) that are as cool as they are genius, earning him breakout-star status from Vogue, W and WWD. And that’s not to mention his being shortlisted for some of the industry’s top prizes, including the Woolmark, the LVMH and the H&M Design Award. His name might sound like pure fantasy, but his career trajectory is anything but.

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