A True North styling riff direct from the runway.

Did you know that in the U.K. they refer to the offish combo of denim-on-denim as a Canadian Tuxedo? Somehow, we doubt this is meant to be a compliment. Or is it? Excuse our curiosity, but Chloé designer Hannah MacKibbon happens to be British through and through. Surely it’s no coincidence that her Spring runway featured a chic take on the punch-line combo of mismatched jeans. Style trackers have fervently taken to labeling the trend, yet few are correct in pinpointing its origin. Our national pride couldn’t help but mention that while this look debuted on the Paris runway, it’s distinctly Paris, Ontario at heart. Gap’s Spring denim collection features a chambray shirt and patch jean that would give a similar look. Accessorize it with a cup of Tim Hortons (double, double) for added Canadiana panache. Chambray shirt, $59.50 Easy straight jean, $89.50