Canada Now Has An Official Tartan

Canadians, get ready to make room amongst your hockey jerseys and maple leaf-adorned garb for a new member of the Canadiana insignia roster—the Maple Leaf Tartan. “The Maple Leaf what?” you say? Yes, it’s true—we now have our very own national tartan, thanks to Toronto garment maker David Weiser, who created it in 1964 in anticipation of the 1967 centennial of the Confederation. The green and red-hued pattern, inspired by the changing colours of autumn leaves, finally joins the ranks of the Canadian flag and Coat of Arms as an official symbol of Canada.

With April 6th henceforth known as Tartan Day, Canadians are encouraged to wear the tartan with pride, honouring our home and native land as well as the contributions that more than four million Scottish-Canadians have continually made to the country. And—let’s face it—it’s pretty darn cute.

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