Canada Geese Get A Style Update

Geographic Apparel tees make souvenir shopping a chic treat.

Canadians aren’t really known for wearing their patriotism on their sleeve but Geographic Apparel wants to give that stance a shake up. Offering up cool cat designer tees that give props to all things Canadian, designers Tameem Barakat and Jay Ng have created a collection that aspires to the heights of the ubiquitous I heart NY iconic t-shirt.When the line launched this summer, it focused on the fair city of Vancouver and the West Coast vibe in general, but the tees ($39/each) have now expanded into hoods, zip-ups, scarves, beanies and more, and the duo are now designing for Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto as well. Moose, totem poles, maple leaves all populate the tight collection; but with a fresh, clean take on these Canadian mainstays. “The Tru”’s even got Pierre sporting a pair of cyan blue sunglasses… Oh, Canada. (Available at L2 and Leone, 350 Howe Street, 604.685.9327, and 757 West Hastings Street, 604.683.1133, Vancouver)