Calgary Designer Paul Hardy to Make Costumes for Sarah McLachlan Ballet

The designer makes his first foray into the world of ballet costume design

This spring, the Alberta Ballet will premiere a ballet inspired by and featuring the music of Sarah McLachlan. The project, titled Fumbling Toward Ecstasy after the singer’s third album and the high school soundtrack of every Canadian woman of a certain age, will also feature the work of Calgary designer Paul Hardy, who has been tapped to design costumes for the performance. This is Hardy’s first foray into the world of costume design, and the designer says he aims to create pieces that will breath life into the dynamic ballet. “My primary decision to take on this project, was my interest to symbolically create a visual reflection of Sarah McLachlan that extends beyond just her music,” Hardy states in a release. We look forward to seeing what this talented Calgary-based designer, known for his textured layering and sculptural silhouettes brings to the stage.
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy runs in Calgary May 5 to 7, and in Edmonton May 13 and 14. Visit for tickets.

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