Here's Why Kenzo Asked Britney Spears to Star in Its New Campaign

Looks like her love of denim is paying off

Singer Britney Spears posing

(Photo: Getty)

Our fave pop star, known for her love of low-slung jeans, belly rings and Von Dutch trucker hats, has scored a campaign modelling for high-end French fashion house Kenzo—and it somehow makes sense?

Britney Spears, 36, was just revealed as the face of Kenzo’s Spring 2018 La Collection Memento No. 2, a “nostalgia-based” line that pays homage to the 1986 debut of Kenzo Jeans. In the Peter Lindbergh-shot campaign, the singer sports crop tops, baseball caps and LOTS of denim, including jean underwear and thigh-high lace-up boots. In other words, it’s very Spears, and very different than the brand’s Spring 2017 ready-to-wear line.

Britney Spears in Kenzo's new campaign

(Photo: Kenzo)

Chatting with Vogue, Spears revealed that the ’80s-influenced collection spoke to her because during that decade, there was a “refreshing” attitude of wearing whatever you felt like, even if it wasn’t visually appealing.

“I mean, ugly was the way to go in the ’80s,” Spears told Vogue. “It was all just completely obnoxious—but there was also something so refreshing about that and the fact that we didn’t care what anyone thought about our clothes.” I guess that’s a compliment to Kenzo?

So if Spears agreed to the collection because she liked its IDGAF vibe, why did Kenzo want to work with the pop star/painter/impromptu runway model?

“Number one, Britney Spears is an icon, so I think in terms of her iconography, she fits into our Memento project perfectly,” said Kenzo’s creative director Humberto Leon in a press release. “She is a legend in her field.”

He added: “I think that in many ways, growing up she is also synonymous with denim with me. When her and Justin [Timberlake] came out in their denim outfits, that is like an iconic look.”

Leon has a point: no one rocks a head-to-toe denim look better than Britney.


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