Is Jessica Simpson's Fave Clothing Item Making a Comeback?

Even if the great Demna Gvasalia says they're cool again, we're not sure we can get on board with boot-cut jeans

These bootcut jeans are from Balenciaga's spring 2019 lookbook

Appropriately terrified? (Photo: Balenciaga)

According to GQ, boot-cut jeans are about to make a comeback. The number-one piece of evidence is Balenciaga’s spring lookbook, featuring several pairs of the questionable throwback denim trend on male models.

No matter how much you (read: we) might hate the rarely flattering silhouette, it’s hard to argue with Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna Gvasalia, who also happens to head up another brand beloved by hype-beasts and fashion people alike, Vetements. And it’s also hard to argue with any trend that harkens back to the ’90s and ’00s, some of which we deeply love, like scrunchies, Docs and half-zip sweaters. Fashion is cyclical, especially when it comes to denim, so this comeback was bound to happen.

Not sure what makes jeans legit boot-cut? They’ll taper at the knee then loosen at the ankle so a boot can be comfortably worn underneath… hence the name. Any jean that’s labelled flared or wide-leg could possibly veer into boot-cut territory, so proceed with caution if you’re looking to give those chicer cuts a try and your style icon is more Kate Moss in the ’90s and less like Jessica Simpson in the ’00s.

Jessica Simpson wearing boot-cut jeans in 2003 (Photo: Getty)

Jessica Simpson wearing boot-cut jeans in 2003 (Photo: Getty)

But, to our relief, it looks like the resurgeance may be for the boys only. You’d be hard-pressed to find more than one or two true boot-cut pairs among the dozens of women’s jeans on offer at retailers that churn out the trends, like Zara, H&M and ASOS.

And you’ll also notice that none of the women in the Balenciaga lookbook are wearing jeans that fit the boot-cut parameters. Although Vogue posted a story in the summer that told us to ditch our mom jeans and opt for “relaxed, full-length jeans in straight or gently flared silhouettes,” the examples they throw to really don’t stray that far from a cropped, straight-leg jean. (Thank god.)

As for the spring 2019 runways, we saw much more palatable denim trends, like patchwork at Isabel Marant and Missoni, and lighter washes at Stella McCartney and Y/Project, all in baggier, oversized silhouettes.

We’re truly hoping all this means that the boot-cut jean stays in menswear, and we can hang on to our much chicer, more relaxed denim. Because if we let this one in, it’s only a matter of time until we’re all back to wearing low-rise jeans, and that’s a nightmare no one deserves.


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