Bloomingdale's Is Bringing Back Juicy Couture, You Guys

You might wanna dig out your old Juicy velour, because it's official: #TrackIsBack

We called it: fashion is experiencing a full-on tracksuit reboot. After years on the Out list, your old-school velour coordinates may finally be ready to see the light of day again. This July, Bloomingdale’s is teaming up with Juicy Couture Black Label for an exclusive capsule featuring the label’s classic cozy lounge gear. Which leaves us wondering: who do we blame for this?! Perhaps the Victoria and Albert Museum, which included a JC ensemble in its Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear exhibit. Or Jonathan Anderson, who sent haute suede versions down the runway for Loewe’s spring ’16 collection. Or maybe it’s Paris Hilton‘s fault somehow? Probably. Whatever the source, the athleisure trend and the early ’00s have collided in a v. comfy (too comfy?) deja vu situ that has us reminiscing about the plush suit’s “J” zipper-swinging glory days. From Halle Berry to Lindsay Lohan, here are our fave sightings of the Juiciest tracksuit in town.

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