Blogger Buzz: Hermès Teams Up With Olivia Bee

The luxury brand commissions 18-year old Portland-based photographer

Hermès Teams Up With Olivia Bee

Photo Courtesy of Hermès

For the fall edition of their sleek in-house glossy, Le Monde d’Hermès, the French luxury brand invited blogger Olivia Bee to contribute. While the 18-year-old photographer was initially just set to shoot the iconic Hermès scarf, the brand loved her work so much they created a short film with Bee, as well as bumping her image up to the cover. The Portland based blogger has also been featured on Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie, and while Bee’s aesthetic may initially not seem to mesh with the legendary house, their work together indicates otherwise.

Look for Olivia Bee’s Le Monde d’Hermès cover in stores this September.