Blog Watch: Babes At The Museum by Xavier Aaronson

Style setters alongside some of the world's greatest works of art

Blog Watch: Babes At The Museum by Xavier Aaronson

Photo by Xavier Aaronson

“I like the idea of working with imperfect conditions: challenging lighting, textbook museum guards, possible awkward reactions, and the unpredictable probabilities of [finding a] babe,” shared photographer and blogger Xavier Aaronson who runs Babes At The Museum, a site that highlights unexpected style setters.

“The blog doesn’t aim to analyze trends it just wants to celebrate the discretely stylish and attractive,” and based on what we see, Aaronson and his team of snappers got us clicking!

Define babe
: “Babe is a general term used to playfully and respectfully point out someone with killer style, looks, and demeanour who may go unnoticed in the context of a wall-staring at a museum.”

Now, use it in a sentence: “Look at her cardigan/spandex combo. So babe!”

Favourite Museum
: “That’s a cruel question. Well, with the Babe agenda in mind, I would say that I love the MoMA. It has great lighting, a loose photography policy, and a concentration of babe tourists with foreign style as well as hip, city natives who “get it” when I approach them.”

Second Best: “I’ve been most excited about going to Dia: Beacon. It’s this old Nabisco factory converted into a spacious, maze-like museum. There’s rarely more than a handful of museum-goers in a gallery at a single time. It has some for the best large-scale sculpture and installation art by Louise Bourgeois, Richard Serra, and Michael Heizer that doesn’t usually fit in traditional museum settings.”

Arriving Soon: “I’m all juiced to see the Keith Haring exhibition at Brooklyn Museum. I grew up in NYC but wasn’t around early enough to see Haring’s work at the time when he was doing tidal amounts of subway and street art.”

Next Big Thing: “The blog is going to print. There’s a possible book deal planned for release by the end of 2012.” Additionally, the blog now contributes to Vice.

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