Blak.I's Smart Mix of Downtown Staples

Diego Fuchs and Helder Aguiar are off to a promising start following their first solo presentation

Blak.I Spring 2013 Blak.I Spring 2013 Blak.I Spring 2013 Blak.I Spring 2013

Diego Fuchs and Helder Aguiar, the amiable fellows behind two-year-old label Blak.I, have no designs on peacock dressing. They’d rather their work find its way to being the kind of wardrobe fundamentals you reach for every day–at least if you’re the part of the twenty-something downtown galère that encircled the pair’s debut presentation.

They’ve had a promising start: Blak.I was a finalist in the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s New Labels competition–the prize went to Edmonton’s Sid Neigum–and has seen a 40 per cent sell-through in their first month with Toronto retailer TNT, a number no doubt helped along by the label’s status as a staff favourite.

Blak.I’s tight, black and blush pink streetwear-inflected collection was full of the “mullet” hemlines, air blouses and slim black pants that have become staples of Toronto’s young arty set. The pair say they like bring together “the casual and the dressy,” and pieces like a sheer, sleeveless blouse in pale pink, a softly-draped tuxedo vest, or a ruched skirt in a dapple-grey print are the solid building blocks that Fuchs and Aguiar know their customer will mix in and make her own.

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