10 Black-Owned Fashion Brands to Shop Now

From Canadian talent on the come up to international superstars

Three models wearing boldly-coloured designs from the Canadian designer Kaela Kay
Gorgeous looks from the Canadian designer Kaela Kay (courtesy Kaela Kay)

Black-owned beauty businesses have been on a well-applauded rise in recent years. But when it comes to diversity in fashion, Black-led labels still feel like a rarity within the industry.

To be optimistic, representation in fashion campaigns and runway shows has gradually improved thanks to powerful conversations urging labels to hire models of different ages, races, body types and gender identities. But consumers also have to show up to champion diversity beyond the catwalk.

That’s why we’re pledging to switch up our shopping habits to support more fashion brands with talented women and men of colour at their helm. And not just during Black History Month, but all year long.

From homegrown companies on the come up to international superstars, we’re shining the spotlight on 10 Black-run fashion brands whose designers are bringing fresh perspectives, exquisite taste and ingenuity to the sartorial conversation. Plus, many of the makers are weaving their unique identities and diversity straight into their pieces.

So start scrolling and be prepared to open a bunch of new browser tabs.

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