Beyoncé And H&M Make Us Yearn For Summer

Right now we're only dreaming of warm weather and sand, but Beyoncé is already heating things up with her new campaign for H&M's summer collection

Photo Courtesy of Beyonce's Facebook Page

Photo Courtesy of Beyonce’s Facebook Page

If you still need any motivation to get your butt in bikini-ready shape, check out Beyoncé showing off her post-baby bod. A new picture has been released from the H&M summer collection featuring Mrs. Carter — as she’ll be referred to in the ads — laying in a chair on the beach in the Bahamas, looking fabulous per usual. Beyoncé has had a lot on her plate so far this year with the release of her documentary Life Is But A Dream, her epic half-time performance at the Super Bowl, and her The Mrs. Carter Show world tour, set to begin April 15. It’s no surprise that the Swedish brand wants a piece of this woman on fire.

Like all of us fashion lovers, Beyoncé says that she has “always liked H&M’s focus on fun and affordable fashion,” and we will definitely see her personality shine through the collection, since she gave her input on some of the pieces. The collection will feature swimwear and beachwear as well as dresses, and what more do you need for summer? While we only have one picture to drool over so far, a commercial is set to come out in the coming months with the collection arriving in stores at the beginning of May — which means you’ll be able to wear those dresses while you sing and dance along to Single Ladies when The Mrs. Carter Show hits Toronto on July 21.