Where to Go for a Last-Min (But Totally Awesome!) Halloween Costume

We searched coast to coast to find the best spots for all your Halloween costume needs

Colourful Halloween wigs at a costume store

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Halloween lovers, time is running and contest-winning costumes are in high demand. To that end, let us help you with all your spooky szn needs. We’ve compiled all the best stores and vintage boutiques across the nation, so whether your fright night style is meme-inspired or full-on Pennywise, these stores have you covered.

Best Costume Stores in Vancouver

Merchant of DREAM

Find it: 810 Granville St., merchantofdream.com
Price: $35-$100
Sizes: XS-L and some plus sizes
Online shopping: No
Rent: No
The 411: Although they have a limited selection, they DO have all the basics. Make this your go-to for wigs, masks and accessories—think, stethoscopes, devil horns and at least five different styles of wings.

Just Imagine Fun Clothing

Find it: 1496 Cartwright St., justimaginecostumes.com
Price: $10-$275
Sizes: XS-XL
Online shopping: Yes
Rent: No
The 411: If your friend group includes a few Potterheads, this Vancouver shop should be your go-to for group costume goodness—they have an entire section devoted to accessories including wands, house banners, and even the sorting hat. And in addition to their standard costume offerings, there’s also a small selection of one-of-a-kind cosplay options.

Boo La La Costumes

Find it: 152 East 2nd St., boolalacostumes.com
Price: $20-$350
Sizes: XS-L and Plus (limited sizes)
Online shopping: Yes
Rent: Yes
The 411: Boo La La’s best quality is its super-knowledgeable staff, who do their best to hook you up with an awesome Halloween costume that suits your style and budget. Find options divided by era, from the Roaring ’20s to the hard-rock ’80s, plus everything from movie characters to spooky ghouls to, yes, sexy cop costumes. The store is closing November 9, so get on that sale!

Best Costume Stores in Calgary

Don’s Hobby Shop & Theatrical Supplies

Find it: 1515 Centre St. NW, donshobbyshop.ca
Price: $30-$200+
Sizes: XS-XL and Plus (limited sizes)
Online shopping: Yes
Rent: No
The 411: The costumes at this shop can be pricey, but if you’re a huge fan of Halloween, they’re worth it. Also: can you say variety? With everything from video game characters to movie costumes to more morphsuits than we ever thought possible, there is literally something for everyone.

The Costume Shoppe

Find it: 4307 Blackfoot Trail SE., thecostumeshoppe.com
Price: $20-$200+
Sizes: S (2-5) M (6-8) L (8-10) XL (10-12) Plus (12-14)
Online shopping: Yes
Rent: No
The 411: There are plenty of high-quality on offer at this Calgary shop, from elegant witches to OTT abominable snowmen, but our faves just might be the options for couples. A PB&J sandwich, two sides of an oreo, or perhaps a bacon and egg combo? Kind of hilarious.

The Halloween Store

Find it: 6711 Macleod Trail, halloweenstorecalgary.com
Price: $45-$100+
Sizes: XS-XXL (plus sizes available)
Online shopping: No 
Rent: No
The 411: This store boasts the largest selection of costumes in Western Canada, but you’re more likely to find the perfect look in-store rather than online, where only a fraction of their inventory is on offer. Be sure to scope out their masks and other accessories, which can provide the perfect finishing touch for a DIY costume.

Best Costume Stores in Edmonton

Halloween Alley

Find it: 9738 19th Ave NW South Common, halloweenalley.ca/halloween-costumes
Price: $20-$120
Sizes: XS-XL (plus sizes available)
Online shopping: No
Rent: No
The 411: With 40 seasonal stores across the country, you know this independently-own chain has you covered for all things Halloween. Whether you’re looking for a unique costume, high-quality wig or plus size options, this shop is your go-to.

Theatre Garage

Find it: 3711 98 St., theatregarage.ca
Price: $30-100+
Sizes: XS-L and Plus
Online shopping: Yes (Smaller accessories)
Rent: Yes
The 411: Although their online site has a more limited selection than the store itself, Theatre Garage has thousands of costumes to choose from, all made with theatre-quality material. There’s even a zombification service, where costume pros will help you create the most realistic walking dead look ever, including ripped clothes, blood and even faux organs/intestines, if you splash out on the deluxe option.

 Best Costume Stores in Winnipeg

Party Stuff 

Find it: 925 Milt Stegall Dr., partystuff.ca
Price: $20-$200
Sizes: XS-Plus (limited sizes)
Online shopping: No, only browsing for in-store purchases
Rent: Yes
The 411: While this store has plenty of glam looks on offer, we’re most intrigued by the leopard or Cheshire cat costumes. Yes, they’re basically onesies (or, sometimes, sweater dresses), but the temperature is dropping—it’s only practical!

Gags Unlimited

Find it: 209 Osborne St., gagsunlimited.com
Price: $35-$200
Sizes: XS-XL (plus sizes available)
Online shopping: Yes
Rent: Yes
The 411: Darth Vader, Boba Fett or a Stormtrooper in a skirt? If you want to look sultry and still show off your nerdy side, this shop has you covered with all sorts of pop culture costumes, including those gender bending takes on your fave Star Wars villain. Vader et al. are the most popular, but there are also other big screen looks and retro costumes on offer.

Best Costume Stores in Toronto

Theatrics Plus

Find it: 658 Yonge St., theatricsplus.com
Price: $40-$200
Sizes: S-XL (limited sizes available + some plus sizes)
Online shopping: Yes
Rent: No
The 411: With their new addition of an online store, Theatrics Plus has become a go-to costume spot for many Torontonians. Offering a huge variety in products—from flappers, to superheroes to horror makeup and accessories, this will be your ultimate destination for a perfect Halloween look.

Reflections Vintage, Antiques & Theatrical Costumes

Find it: 839/841 Gerrard St. East, reflectionsvintagetoronto.com
Price: $30-$70
Sizes: S-XXL (limited sizes)
Online shopping: No
Rent: No
The 411: If you’re looking for a really authentic ’20s flapper outfit, Reflections can hook you up with the perfect vintage accessories, from glitzy headbands to sequined evening purses to chic faux jewelry. Same goes for that fun ’50s look—though in that case the offerings are more along the lines of Dame Edna glasses, flippy wigs and crinoline petticoats. But if period pieces aren’t your thing, they have standard and theatrical costumes as well.

Candy’s Costume

Find it: 685 Mt. Pleasant Rd., candyscostumeshop.com
Price: $15-$100
Sizes: XS-XL (limited sizes)
Online shopping: Yes
Rent: Yes
The 411: From Cruella de Vil to Wilma Flintstone to She Ra, there are plenty of pop culture offerings here, especially retro picks. But there are also tons of accessories to put that perfect finishing touch on your Halloween look.


Best Costume Stores in Ottawa

Malabar Limited

Find it: 1610 Merivale Rd., malabar.net/ottawa
Price: $25-$150+
Sizes: S-L/one size fits most (limited sizes)
Online shopping: Yes
Rent: Yes
The 411: If there’s one word you can use to describe this jam-packed shop, which has a sister location in Toronto, it’s options. From Doctor Who to Madonna-style ’80s pop stars to a cozy looking cupcake costume, there’s plenty to choose from. A word of warning, though: this store has great costumes year-round, but it gets extra busy come Halloween, so get in there ASAP.

Party City

Find it: 1872 Merivale Rd., stores.partycity.ca
Price: $30-$200
Sizes: XS-XXL (plus sizes available)
Online shopping: Yes
Rent: No
The 411: This chain store has everything you could ever need for both your costume and your party. Complement your inflatable T-Rex suit, girly Pokeball outfit or Ariel costume (complete with fishtail—skirt, that is) with a spooky spider web, hanging ghosts and a tombstone or two. Ta-da! You’re party-ready.

Best Costume Stores in Montreal

Imagine Le Fun

Find it: 34 Mont-Royal Ave. East, imaginelefun.com/en
Price: $10-$150+
Sizes: S-L (limited sizes)
Online shopping: Yes
Rent: No
The 411: Need an OITNB-approved prison jumpsuit? This shop has one. More into a Victoria Steampunk-style get-up? They’ve got that, too. There’s also an decent collection of mascot costumes, in case you had a hankering to attend your next Halloween party as a squirrel, dragon or Easter bunny.

Party Expert

Find it: 9420 Boulevard de l’Acadie, party-expert.com
Price: $20-$80
Sizes: XS-XL
Online shopping: Yes
Rent: No
The 411: This store has plenty of deluxe options, but there’s a surprising number of budget-friendly finds, too. There are tons of options for $50 or less, and even some solid picks in the under $30 range, including a comfy surgeon costume, a Pink Lady look (from Grease) and a glam ’60s outfit. And look out for sales, when you might score a great costume for under $20.

Joseph Ponton Costumes

Find it: 4846 St. Catherine St. East, pontoncostumes.com
Price: $55-$125
Sizes: XS-XXXL (plus sizes available)
Online shopping:  No
Rent: Only rental.
The 411: The biggest—and oldest—costume shop in the city, Joseph Ponton has been providing Montrealers with Halloween looks since 1865 (!!). The offerings here tend to be historical and divided into periods, from medieval to Victorian and everything in between. But there are some contemporary looks, too, including a truly freaky Freddy Krueger costume.

Best Costume Store in Halifax

Glow The Event Store

Find it: 461 Windmill Rd., glowparties.ca
Price: $30-$90
Sizes: XS-XL
Online shopping: No
Rent: No
The 411: There are plenty of cute options here, from all your pirate varieties to goddesses of all types to bellbottom-wearing ’70s babes. Or, opt for something a little sillier—say, a zombie banana?!


Best Costume Stores in Charlottetown

Repeats Quality Used Family Clothing

Find it: 95 Capital Dr., repeatsclothing.ca
Price: $10-$50
Sizes: S-L
Online shopping: No
Rent: Some rentals (seasonal)
The 411: This thrift store has a year-round costume section, and staff are happy to help you put together the perfect outfit for your fright night festivities. Even better, they also do custom costumes and have a solid selection of vintage pieces.

Halloween Central

Find it: 97 St. Peters Rd. halloweencentral/facebook
Price: $25-$90
Sizes: XS-4XL
Online shopping: No
Rent: No
The 411: This seasonal pop-up has everything from pop culture costumes to sexy gangsters, pirates and witches to some… truly random options (beekeeper, anyone?).

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