The Absolute Best Jeans for a Curvy Body Shape

Tips for finding jeans that offer nothing but good times for an hourglass frame

best plus-size jeans addition elle x jordyn woods collection.

Jordyn Woods wearing jeans from her collection with Addition Elle.

True: curvy girls can slay in all styles of jeans. Also true: there’s no shortcut to finding a dream pair. “The biggest challenge is finding jeans that follow curves without being too tight or too loose in the wrong places. This is less about cut or style, and more about how a brand is designed,” says Ruth Basloe, Styling Director at Nordstrom. “It’s best to begin by trying on many different brands.” With every label using a different template of dimensions and every body shape uniquely different, you’re not likely to discover the best.jeans.ever. after 10 minutes of browsing. You totally might, and that would be awesome, but let’s get real. When it comes to shopping for jeans, you’ll get out what you put in. ­Book off some time for this mission.

If you happen to be visiting a denim-first retailer or a store with an in-house denim collection you might discover a dedicated line for hourglass shapes. Ann Taylor, Levi’s and Gap all carry jeans that feature specifically contoured tailoring designed for curvy types. And since stretch can be a crucial fit component, the latter even steps up with fabric options within a single jean style. “True Skinnies are made to flatter every body type, and are available in low stretch, stretch and high stretch materials, so you can choose how much it conforms to your body,” says Alex Gray, Gap VP, Denim Design.

How you want to showcase your curves can be the breadcrumb that leads to selecting a certain style of jeans. Both Basloe and Paige Adams-Geller, Co-Founder and Creative Director of PAIGE, suggest starting with mid-rise styles. “If someone has a really full booty and wants to play it down, this is usually most flattering,” says Adams-Geller, “I would recommend the Brigitte. It is a straight leg boyfriend silhouette that is slightly more fitted in the waist and hip than a classic boyfriend jean, offering a more modern, flattering fit.”

Mid-rise is also Gray’s pick when it comes to relaxed cuts, and he’s partial to this fit in a darker wash. “Avoid anything too wide at the bottom,” he says, “Slightly tapered helps to create a longer and leaner silhouette,” he says. However, if the goal is to enhance an hourglass frame, a high-rise style can take things up a notch. “I am a big fan of the Margot Ultra Skinny if you want to embrace your curves! This super high-rise is nipped in at the waist and flatters the booty,” says Adams-Geller. Pining for a fashion-forward vibe? High-rise straight leg cuts can satisfy a trend-driven eye while supporting curves.

Last but not least, let’s address that booty. Back pockets are very important, says Basloe. Both size and placement need to happily co-exist to secure a flattering fit. If something is off (i.e. your butt looks less than amazing), it could be because the back pockets are too big, small, high or far apart.

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