Meet the Canadian Designers Dressing Gaga and Gomez

Beaufille's Chloe and Parris Gordon tell us the secret to getting their clothes on the hottest stars

It’s been a damn good month for Toronto-based fashion label Beaufille. First Lady Gaga was spotted leaving her New York apartment wearing the line’s Daphnis suede vest and matching cropped flares. Then, last week Selena Gomez couldn’t keep her hands off the Ophelia slip dress in her newly launched “Hands To Myself” music video (featuring a squad of lip-syncing Victoria Secret Angels)—and it sounds like there could be more style sightings in the works. We asked designer-sister-duo Chloe and Parris Gordon about the secret to getting their looks on celebs and who might be next on their hit list.


Parris and Chloe Gordon (Photo:

We love Lady Gaga’s burgundy suede look from last month. How did that come together?
Chloe: Her stylist Brandon Maxwell reached out to pull some looks for upcoming appearances in New York City. The team was especially adamant about the burgundy suede set—we got it to her ASAP and two days later she was wearing it!

How did you find out when she wore it?
C: One of Brandon Maxwell’s assistants tagged us in a photo on Instagram—by that time it had gone viral! We were in absolute shock but also so overjoyed. It was a very special moment. Parris was actually on a flight from Vancouver when it happened. It was torture not to be able to get a hold of her right away. When she landed, she turned on her phone, and it blew up—she immediately called me and we were on the phone jumping up and down!

Any plans for her to wear Beaufille again?
Parris: Yes! Brandon’s team requested more looks for an upcoming magazine shoot with Inez and Vinoodh.


(Photo: Splash News)

(Photo: Splash News)

What makes Lady Gaga a “Beaufille girl”?
P: Lady Gaga couldn’t be a better fit for Beaufille. She represents the underdogs and the outcasts, the people who weren’t believed in to succeed but did. She takes risks with fashion and is always unpredictable. She’s a strong woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it herself. Chloe and I relate to this 100%. Brandon Maxwell has evolved Gaga’s style to something that feels Old Hollywood, chic, confident and still daring. Her style evolution suits the direction Beaufille is going in.

How about Selena Gomez’s look in the “Hands to Myself” video? How did that happen?
P: Selena’s stylist, Kate Young, e-mailed us looking to pull several looks for upcoming press appearances. This happened a week after Gaga so we were definitely having a “what is going on?!” moment in the studio.

What was it like when you first saw the video?
P: We were in a similar state to the Gaga situation—but this time we were together! Kate Young’s team had confirmed that she wore the dress for a video, but they didn’t tell us anything else. When it came out, we had it on repeat. We couldn’t believe it was real!

Selena has been killing it on the red carpet lately—what do you think about her new style choices?
P: Kate Young has done an amazing job of helping Selena mature and establish her adult self through clothing. The minimal, timeless, sophisticated aesthetic Kate has established for Selena aligns perfectly with the Beaufille brand.

What is the secret to getting your looks on these celebs?
P: Having the collections on is a huge platform of visibility to the industry—without that these pulls might not have happened. But it’s ultimately up to the stylist. If they don’t like the collection they won’t pull it. If it’s a fit for the client and taps into something new, they will.

What other celebs would you love to dress?
C: Lou Doillon because she’s such a “beau fille.”
P: Haim! I love those girls and think this sister duo and theirs would be such a match. (We are clearly dying to see a badass rock and roll chick on stage in our clothing or accessories!)

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