Asos Gets Love After Leaving Stretch Marks On Swimsuit Models

Asos sent a message of body-positivity when they skipped the retouching on a bunch of their swimsuit models, and Twitter noticed

How many times do the words “beach bod” land on your radar when summer weather hits? It’s pretty frustrating to have that “ideal” body type shoved down our throats as a summer must-have, and to watch celebs get dragged through the mud for imperfections that, let’s be real, we all have.

Asos took a stand against that annoying (and dangerous) summer theme when they ditched the retouching and left the stretch marks behind on a bunch of the women modelling their swimwear. This is insanely refreshing because it serves as a reminder that even people who model for a living have skin imperfections, because, news flash: stretch marks are mega normal.

ASOS Stops Retouching Stretch Marks, and here are two of the beautiful results

And what Asos did definitely didn’t go unnoticed. The Twitterverse exploded with appreciation for the refreshing reminder of what’s really normal.

Although Asos hasn’t officially confirmed that they’re banning retouching en masse, the corporate responsibility page on states that they don’t “artificially adjust photographs of models to change their appearance.” Hear hear!

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